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Camilo Gonzalez was an original member of Silver Abuse and an early member of Naked Raygun. He played bass on Naked Raygun's Basement Screams EP and Throb Throb LP. He also played in later incarnations of Toothpaste. Camilo has been playing again with the reunited Silver Abuse, since late 2007.

In the early '90s, Camilo practiced with Steve Albini and Todd Trainer in a prototype version of Shellac. He was replaced by Bob Weston of the Volcano Suns. He did play bass on one Shellac track, "The Rambler Song"


  • In 2005, Gonzalez was supposed to play in a jam session at the O'Banions reunion with folks from Ministry and other early Chicago acts at The Note, but their set never happened due to time issues.
  • Camilo played drums once for Raygun - a live cover of Wire's 12XU
  • The Silver Abuse song Cuban Homo Farm was likely an unflattering tribute to Camilo's decision to leave SA for Naked Raygun