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This is a website site about the history of the Chicago punk scene. Anyone can create, edit or change any page on this site. It's by the people for the people of the Chicago punk scene.


Though I focus myself on the early part of the scene (70s to late 80s) info on bands from the 90s and beyond are welcome as well. The inspiration for this site was the focus on the bands, people and venues that have little-to-no information available on the web.

How to edit

People should not be afraid to post any and all information they can. If you have any questions, just ask. A quick rundown:

Step one is to create an account. Pretty easy to do, answer the simple question that's there to avoid spammers. Once you have an account you are ready to edit!

Every single page has an "edit" tab which shows the page's full content, which can be added or amended till your heart's content. If you make a mistake, every page has a "history" tab that lists the complete editing history of that page. So it's easy to go back or revert an error...

If you want to start a new page, simply search for an item. If there is no page, you'll get an option to create it. You can also "link" to any other page by putting brackets around the text. So if you're writing a page about a member of Naked Raygun, simply write it as [[Naked Raygun]] and their page will link back to the Naked Raygun.

If you are more of a casual browser than an editor, no problem. The pages of interest for you are the search area, the random page and recent changes. Recent changes will show all the edits on the pages in the last few weeks, it's also a great way to keep track of pages you are working on.

Right now, what we need most is content. The more people adding/editing pages, the better the pages become and the more useful of a reference the site is.


Feel free to ask any questions or request a page to be added. If you prefer to provide info via email and have me do the updates and formatting on the wiki I'd be glad to. My name is Gantry and I can be reached at (gantry at gmail.com) ,