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From Left-to-Right: Jon, Bob, Al

Toothpaste is an early 80s Chicago punk band that formed out of former members of Naked Raygun and The Wayouts. They released a 12" in 1983 recorded at 2120 S. Michigan Ave. (formerly Chess Records) and played around town until about 1985, with a number of lineup changes. Their record received favorable reviews and was recommended by Steve Albini, among others. Al Szopinski left the band for two years and former Naked Raygun members Camilo Gonzalez and Jim Colao took up the slack. Toothpaste took a more pop punk approach to the music while Naked Raygun, Strike Under and the Effigies pushed the more hardcore "Chicago Sound". Naked Raygun and Big Black member Santiago Durango wrote "Oh Yeah Come On" and Naked Raygun guitarist John Haggerty played sax on the studio recording of "Oh Yeah Come On". Toothpaste did a lot of studio recording with Iain Burgess and may release a compilation CD with fellow early Chicago punk bands Silver Abuse and the Way-Outs! in conjunction with their reunion show on December 29, 2007, at the Lucky Gator Loft.


Releases - click song to listen

  • Toothpaste EP (Schwa, 1983)
    • Recorded November, 1982 at 2120 S. Michigan Ave. (formerly Chess Records)
  1. Palestine
  2. Houdini's Magic Secret
  3. Amerikan Beauties
  4. Sex Bolts
  5. Spy Guy
  6. Skinheads Are OK
  7. People Are Funny

Record Covers

EP Front Cover
EP Back Cover

Notable Shows

  • First show (1981) at communist art gallery across Damen Avenue from the Busy Bee diner. Opening act was a performance artist who beat a dead rat with a coffee can. (we were upstaged big time.)
  • West End, with Circle Jerks, c. 1982

Audio Disclaimer

The songs linked here have all rights reserved by Al, Bob and Jon. Bob has given permission to allow downloads and listening, "just don't sample anything for some rap crap" or use them in your own commercial product.

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