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Achtung Chicago! is a compilation album of Chicago-area bands put out by Underdog Records in 1990. It is the first of 3 "Achtung Chicago!" compilations put out by the label (the second, Achtung Chicago! Zwei was released in 1993 and the third, Achtung Chicago! Drei was released in 1995). This release features liner notes by Russ Forster and Ben Weasel. The compilation was released at the same time that Underdog moved from being run by Russ to being run by a collective of volunteers. The entire album was included on the CD version of Achtung Chicago! Zwei with the exception of the Watchmen track, which was excluded due space constraints.

Release Details

  • Format: LP
  • Availability: Out Of Print


Side A

1. Flea Circus - "Skank Minnow"

2. Apocalypse Hoboken - "Punk Rock Gods"

3. The Watchmen - "LAX9"

4. Ivy League - "Itemized"

5. Dashing Marbles - "In The Name Of The Lord"

6. Groove Diggers - "Smoking Section"

7. Spongetunnel - "Your Mom Is Totally Hot"

Side B

1. Dead Steel Mill - "Estados Unidos Manda A La Chingada"

2. Gear - "Basement Rock"

3. Lunar Psychotics - "Grinding"

4. Target - "Wish"

5. Friends of Betty - "Grief Giver"

6. Billingsgate - "Brotherhood"

7. Screeching Weasel - "Teenage Slumber Party"