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Spongetunnel was garage rock/punk band formed by Russ Forster, Ron Richter and Mark Mosher in the mid '80s. The band's name is combination of the members' previous groups, Sponge (Mosher & Richter) and Fudgetunnel (Forster). The band put out one LP and a 7" on Forster's Underdog Records and released split 7" with the band Filler in the U.K. The group toured with Screeching Weasel in 1988 and hit Europe in 1989. They split by the end of the decade, appearing posthumously on Underdog's Achtung Chicago compilation.


  • Morons...& Monsters!! LP (Underdog Records (US) / Underdog UK/Wetspots (UK), 1988)
  • "1989" 7" EP (Underdog Records, 1989)
  • split w/Filler 7" EP (Underdog UK/Wetspots, 1989)
  • "Your Mom Is Totally Hot" on the Achtung Chicago compilation LP (Underdog Records, 1990)
  • "Filthy Rich" on the Wild & Crazy "Noise Merchants"... ...Invade A City Near You: Worst Of The 1 In 12 Club Vol.9/10 compilation double LP (1 in 12 Records, 1990)

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