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Gear was pop-punk band from Chicago that formed in 1988. The band was led by bassist Steve Gill, who was the only member throughout their history. In the early days, Steve Gill and Rich Wiley were the primary songwriters. When singer Joe Camarillo joined, he became heavily involved in the songwriting process. The group broke up around the turn of the decade. Gear was well-respected amongst their peers but, unfortunately, left behind a small and hard-to-find discography (just one 7" and a few compilation appearances). Although there was some talk of reissuing Gear's music, it has not, at this point, come to pass. Gear did play a reunion show in 2001, when they opened a Sludgeworth reunion show at the Cubby Bear in Chicago.



Visions 7" EP (Your Future Records 1990)

  1. Last Thing
  2. Courage Meant
  3. Visions
  4. Tar Beach

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