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Target is considered by some to be one of the first emo-core bands to come out of the Chicago area. Forming in 1988, and consisting of Kevin J. Frank, Zac Conway, Mike Welsch, Adam Norden, and Rob Nelson, this suburban quintet arose from the ashes of another band, Really Fine Kids, which contained several of the same members. The group managed to appear on several comps and released a 7" EP in 1990, the same year they broke up. Target played their last show on 12/23/90 and Kevin Frank formed his next band, Gauge, with Scott Conway of Ivy League, a week later ("12.23.90" would be title of the first song on Gauge's demo tape). Kevin remains active musically, playing in a number of bands over the years, including Gauge, the Sky Corvair, Traluma, and, currently, Haymarket Riot. Kevin and Zac Conway also briefly reunited in the mid '90s in the short-lived indie band Sweater Weather. Adam Norden has also continued with music, most notably playing with the metallic American Heritage for a number of years.

Zac Conway was also a member of ID Under throughout much of Target's life time.


  • Mike Welsch - Vocals
  • Kevin J. Frank - Guitar
  • Zac Conway - Guitar
  • Adam Norden - Bass
  • Rob Nelson - Drums
  • Mike Blanfield - Drums


  1. Going Up (The Sky)
  2. The Rainforest
  3. Drop In Size For You
  4. Two Side
  • Live At Sir Donald's 12.23.90 digital album (Shakefork Records, 2021)

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