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Zoetrope (pronounced e-trope), was actually a metal band, but deserves recognition within the Chi Punk Archives because they were active participants in the mid- to late 80's hardcore scene. Not to mention that a couple of the band members were regulars at the old punk club, O'Banion's. The band was influenced by the likes of 7 Seconds, Articles of Faith, Rights of the Accused, Life Sentence, Out of Order, Die Kruezen and created their own form of hardcore thrash, which they dubbed, "street metal." They played alongside the hardcore bands of the day and were responsible for creating a short period of unity between the local punk and metal scenes. After the band broke up and former member went on to other things, Kevin Michael reformed the band with new members, but it really wasn't the same. Barry Stern went on to play in the metal band, "Trouble." Ken Black went on to play in Sharon Tate's Baby. Calvin Humphrey went on to play with M.O.S.H. (Mean Obnoxious 'Shroom Heads) Sadly, Barry Stern passed away on April 2, 2005, due to complications from recent hip-replacement surgery. He was only 45 years old.



  • The Right Way 7" (self-released 1980)
  1. The Right Way
  2. Call 33
  • The Metal Log Vol. 1 demo tape (1983)
  1. Kill The Enemy
  2. Speed Zone
  3. The Company Man
  4. Member In A Gang
  • The Metal Log Vol. 2 demo tape (1985)
  1. Death Of A High School Narc
  2. She's Brain Dead
  3. Speed Zone
  4. Cops
  • Amnesty (Combat Records 1985).
  1. Indecent Obsessions
  2. Kill the Enemy
  3. Mercenary
  4. Amnesty
  5. Member in a Gang
  6. Break Your Back
  7. Another Chance
  8. Creatures
  9. Trip Wires
  • A Life of Crime (Combat Records 1987).
  1. Detention
  2. Seeking Asylum
  3. Promiscuity
  4. NASA
  5. Unbridled Energy
  6. Prohibition
  7. Company Man
  8. Pickpocket
  9. Hard To Survive
  • Mind Over Splatter (Red Light 1993).
  1. Crack
  2. Million Ways to Die
  3. New World Order
  4. Guilt by Association
  5. Down and Out
  6. It's My Life
  7. New York Minute
  8. Acid Rain
  9. Deceased Corpsmen
  10. Splattered
  11. Spilling of Blood
  12. Tomorrow It's You


  • Amnesty and A Life of Crime were reissued in Europe on CD by Century Media in the late '90's when that label remastered and reissued the entire Combat Records catalog in Europe. The Amnesty reissue contains the Metal Log demos as bonus tracks.
  • Kenny Black and Barry Stern produced the first Life Sentence record.
  • Louis Svitek was credited as the guitarist on A Life Of Crime, but according to Kevin Michael's notes on the CD reissue, Kevin and Kenny Black played all the guitar parts. Louis joined the band after Kenny left Los Angeles (where the band was recording) and returned home to sort out substance abuse issues.
  • Zoetrope referred to their sound as "Street Metal".


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