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Articles of Faith (1981-1985) was one of the oldest and most important bands of the Chicago punk scene. Originally they went by the name "Direct Drive," but changed over to AoF. Fronted by Vic Bondi, the scope of AoF's impact went beyond musical boundries. They might have been the first true hardcore band in Chicago and were instumental in promoting and organizing shows. Specifically, they were responsible for organizing the shows at the Centro-American Social Club (CASC). They rented out the space, booked and promoted the shows. They even put up the out of town bands and provided a hang-out spot at their house-- which was lovingly called, "Big Blue." They played their final show in July 1985 at the Cubby Bear. The band reunited in 1991 for a European tour which resulted in the release of a live album through the "Your Choice Live Series" from Germany's Your Choice Records. They reunited again in 2010 for some shows in Chicago, including Riot Fest. That same year they released a 12" EP of new material.


Records (Incomplete)

  1. Everyday
  2. My Father's Dreams
  3. Bad Attitude
  4. What We Want Is Free
  1. I've Got Mine
  2. Wait
  3. Buy This War
Aof givethanks.jpg
  • Give Thanks LP - (Reflex/LSR Records, 1984)
    • Produced by Bob Mould
    • Recorded at Trax Studio
    • Reissued in Europe by Bitzcore in 1992 with different cover art (blue instead of red), a different running order than the original version, and two extra tracks (on the CD version only).
  1. Give Thanks
  2. In Your Suit
  3. I Objectify
  4. Acceptance
  5. Every Man For Himself
  6. Five O'Clock
  7. Hollow Eyes
  8. Chicago
  9. In This Jungle
  10. American Dreams
  11. Prison (Bitzcore CD reissue)
  12. Angry Man (Bitzcore CD reissue)
Aof inthislife.jpg
  • In This Life LP - (Lone Wolf Records, 1985)
    • Produced by Bob Mould
    • Released after their breakup
  1. Remain In Memory
  2. Doesn't Have to be That Way
  3. Wasn't I Right
  4. Wheedle Dee
  5. Around in Circles
  6. Nowhere
  7. Trains
  8. Wait For Me
  9. Never Really Understood
  10. Cambridge
  11. In This Life
  • Core LP/CD - (Bitzcore 1991)
    • German compilation of early EPs and comp tracks. CD has extra songs.
  • Your Choice Live LP/CD - (Your Choice Live 1991)
    • Last show from European reunion tour.
  • AOF Complete Vol. 1 1981-1983 LP/CD - (Alternative Tentacles 2002)
    • Contains the 1st EP, Give Thanks LP, and some comp and unreleased tracks.
  • AOF Complete Vol. 2 1983-1985 LP/CD - (Alternative Tentacles 2002)
    • Contains Wait EP, In This Life LP, comp and unreleased tracks.
  • Fortunate Son split 7" EP (with Vic Bondi) - (Alternative Tentacles 2003)
    • Two old AOF tunes paired with 2 Vic Bondi solo performances (one of which is a Credence Clearwater Revival cover)
  • New Normal Catastrophe 12" EP (Alternative Tentacles, 2010).



In late October, AOF went on a tour that was supposed to stop in Canada, Texas and the West Coast. Some of it got cut short due to a bad van and financial issues, Texas never happened. By MRR #3 (November/December of 1982), What We Want Is Free was released, they were on the The Master Tape comp and starting planning their own Chicago Hardcore comp. Recording for Chicago Hardcore were End Result, Negative Element and Rights of the Accused, though this record was never released.

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