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Sharon Tate's Baby was a hardcore punk band from Chicago led by Kenny Black formed in early 1987 after he left Zoetrope. Ron Code asked to audition for them because Black needed a new singer. The original singer named the band and tried to commit suicide not long after. They released a demo in 1989 and played on the WZRD radio show the same year on the first of January. They played all of the released tracks except for "Anyone Can Be a Boss". The band broke up around 1993.

Sharon Tate's Baby has played with the Exploited, UK Subs, Circle Jerks, Agnostic Front, and many more.

Demo (1989)

  1. "Get Ready to Die"
  2. "War"
  3. "Brand X"
  4. "2 Car Garage (Suicide)"
  5. "Hitler was a Homo" (also known as "Nazis")
  6. "Anyone Can Be a Boss"
  7. "Return of the Living Dead"


  • Kenny Black - Guitars
  • Ron Code - Vocals
  • Jeff Langford - Bass
  • Tony Tofoya - Drums

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