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The famous LS Logo

Life Sentence was/is a popular Chicago punk/hardcore band from the mid 1980s to the early 90s. They were from Itasca and formed out of the ashes of the Anti-Bodies and 6 Feet Under (not to be confused with the Metal band). They went through a few lineup changes and even some nasty lawsuits between members and the rights to the name. Guitarist and founder Eric Brockman emerged with the rights to the name and continued on into the early '90s with different rhythm sections before disappearing from the scene all together due to substance abuse issues. In 2009, Eric resurfaced with an entirely new line-up for a few local shows before vanishing again.


2009 Line-up

  • Eric Brockman - Vocals/Guitar
  • Nick Zasabeta - Bass/Vocals
  • Cris Jefferies - Guitar/Vocals
  • Brent Nimz - Drums/Vocals

Original Line-up

Recording Line-ups

Life Sentence 12"

No Experience Necessary LP

More Punks For Profit 7"


  1. Problems
  2. Race to Die
  3. Election Day
  4. Men in Blue
  5. Punks for Profit
  6. Peacetime Death
  7. Unemployment
  8. In the Streets
  9. Figured it Out
  10. Take a Stand
  11. Open your Eyes
  12. Gun Control

Reissued on LP/CD/digital with 4 bonus tracks in 2018 on Jet Speed Records.

  1. Win, Lose or Sue
  2. Ode To Me
  3. Time/Life
  4. Tour Til Death
  5. Cancer
  6. No Experience Necessary
  7. Domestic Squabbles
  8. Actions Speak Louder Than Word
  9. Freedoms Promised Dream
  10. Gun Control
  11. Stand On Your Own
  12. Sins In The Pulpit
  13. The Elevator Song
  • More Punks For Profit 7" EP (Doing Time Records, 1991)
  1. More Punks For Profit
  2. Godzilla
  3. The Ballad
  1. Race To Die/Election Day
  2. Men In Blue
  3. Peacetime Death
  4. Unemployment
  5. Open Your Eyes
The first 4 tracks were part of a 10-song recording session from December 1985 (the rest were included on the band's 1987 self-titled 12") featuring Ray on vocals. "Open Your Eyes" is from a later session after Ray left the band.


The history of Life Sentence is long and gets very messy towards the end of its existance. Instead of summarizing, read MXV's review of Life Sentence's LP - where many former members and acquaintences chime in. Great read...

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