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Flyer from their final show, 12/31/1980 at Oz

The Way-outs! (not to be confused with much later band that took the name but did not hyphenate) were a band from very early in the Chicago punk scene, created from most of the members of the original version of Silver Abuse. Formed June 1980, they played their final show on New Year's Eve 1980 at Oz. Jeff Pezzati had this to say about them - "a dysfunctional group of malcontents that sounded like freight train passing through a tunnel while blasting the Jetson's theme out of its smoke stacks" and "pure genius". No recordings of The Wayouts have ever been released, though their MySpace page (see below) typically has an online track or two.

After The Way-outs! disbanded, 4 of the 5 members formed the second version of Silver Abuse. The Way-outs! will be performing at the December 29 reunion show at the Lucky Gator Loft with fellow punk pioneers Silver Abuse and Toothpaste.



  • After disbanding at the Oz gig, they reformed as Silver Abuse.
  • They were named after a fictional band from The Flintstones
  • Bob's stage name was Kate Smith

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