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Terminal Beach was the short-lived punk band featuring Steve Bjorklund (Strike Under), Dave Thomas (Da), John Haggerty (Naked Raygun), and Scott Harris (A Mason in Ur). CR #19 announced their formation, which means they likely came to be in February 1982. As for their first show, it was a loft party at 627 W. Lake, 4th floor. Terminal Beach did not last long, and shortly after their breakup, Steve formed Breaking Circus in Chicago, and then later moved to Minnesota.



  • 3 Song Demo Tape (April 1982)
    • One track was Killing Ground
    • Got lots of airplay on WZRD according to CR #20


  • Despite playing guitar in Da, Dave Thomas switched to drums in Terminal Beach
  • In a 1999 interview in the Big Takeover fanzine, Haggerty said that when Terminal Beach played with Naked Raygun, he would join Raygun onstage to play saxophone on "Swingo". This eventually led to Haggery joining Raygun in 1983.

Notable Shows