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Breaking Circus in 1987.

Breaking Circus was a Minneapolis-area postpunk band from 1983 to 1988. The band was based in Minneapolis, but actually formed in the Chicago area. Led by Steve Björklund, Breaking Circus also initially included John Lundin and Bruce Lange. For their first gig Breaking Circus had a double debut with Silent Language at the Cubby Bear on Saturday, July 2, 1983. Breaking Circus signed to Homestead Records for their first release, The Very Long Fuse.

In 1986, Bjorklund moved to Minneapolis and began working with Rifle Sport. The band released Ice Machine and Smokers' Paradise in 1987, and broke up the following year.




  • Steve Bjorklund - Vocals, Guitar
  • Phil Harder - Guitar
  • Peter Conway aka Flour - Bass
  • Todd Trainer - Drums
  • Brian Paulson
  • Tony Pucci
  • Paul Hiraga - Guitar


  • Steve Bjorklund
  • Bruce Lange
  • John Lundin


  1. Precision
  2. (Knife in the) Marathon
  3. Lady in the Lake
  4. Soul of Japan
  5. The Imperial Clawmasters' Theme
  6. Monster's sanctuary
  7. Christian Soldiers
  8. Morning
  • The Ice Machine LP (1987, Homestead)
  • Insert was a board game
  1. Took a Hammering
  2. Song of The South
  3. Swept Blood
  4. Caskets and Clocks
  5. Where
  6. Gun Shy
  7. Laid So Low
  8. Evil Last Night
  • Smokers Paradise EP (1987, Positive)
  1. Smokers' Paradise
  2. Three Cool Cats
  3. ShockHammer Thirteen
  4. Emperor Calvin
  5. Medicine Lake
  6. Eat Lead

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