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THIS was a fanzine from Dekalb, IL put out by Dan Grzeca and Greg Dunlap. Four issues total were produced between February of 1988 and March of 1990. The first three issues were xerox quality, before moving to offset printing for the fourth issue. The following bands were interviewed in THIS:

  1. Naked Raygun, Blatant Dissent
  2. Dead Milkmen, Out Of Order, The Defoliants, Otis Ball, Junebug Massacre
  3. My Dad Is Dead, Killdozer, Volcano Suns, The Didjits, The Watchmen
  4. Buzzcocks, Iain Burgess, The Lee Harvey Oswald Band, Flaming Lips, Flea Circus

A fifth issue was partially completed which would have included interviews with The Watchmen, Dan Clowes, and Big Dipper.

Greg and Dan also promoted shows in Dekalb under the THIS banner during these years. The majority of these shows took place at either the local Eagle's Club or the basement of the NIU Wesley Foundation. Many of the same bands that appeared in THIS also played in Dekalb, as well as other local bands like Sixteen Tons, Precious Wax Drippings, Tar, Friends Of Betty, and The Jesus Lizard.


  • The first show put together by THIS was what turned out to be the last show Blatant Dissent played before changing their name to Tar.

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