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Precious Wax Drippings was a Chicago-based post-punk band active from the mid-1980's though the early 1990's. The members were Bill Little (bass, vocals), his brother Joe Little (guitar, vocals), Jim Garbe (guitar, vocals), and Johnny Machine (John Herndon; drums, vocals).

The band was known for their impassioned and somewhat out-of-control, yet melodic, stripped down brand of rock and roll. Drummer Machine was so powerful that he used to chain his drum throne to his kit, to keep it from sliding off the riser.

The band released several singles, two ep's, and a full length album before disbanding in the early 1990's. John Herndon went on to found the well-respected Chicago band Tortoise.


7" singles

  • Halfway b/w Steeptime (Hummer, 1988)
  • No Go b/w Moore (Receptionist, 19??)
  • Microfilm b/w Almost Coming (Glitterhouse [GERMANY], 1990)



  • After History (Amoeba, 1990) (CD version includes Ain't We A Wishin' Bunch)


  • "No Place I Can't Go" on Hog Butcher to the World (Mad Queen, 1987)
  • "Beat" on Brain Blo 3x7" set (Casting Couch, 1992)

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