Flammable Solid

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Front cover

Flammable Solid was the first 7" record by Naked Raygun, released on Ruthless Records in 1983. It was only the third time Raygun appeared on record (after Busted at Oz and Basement Screams) and features three songs that would appear on 1985's Throb Throb. It must have been recorded shortly after Santiago Durango left the group in the summer of 1983 because Haggerty is on guitar. Only 500 copies of Flammable Solid were made and they sell for a fuckton of money on EBay.



  1. Surf Combat
  2. Gear
  3. Libido (Colao)


  • Engineered by Iain Burgess
  • Assistant Engineer John Patterson
  • All tracks were slightly different versions than on Throb Throb
  • This version of Libido was a bonus track on the Quarterstick CD reissue of Throb Throb
  • Since Basement Screams preceded it, Flammable Solid must have been released after August of 1983
  • It was Ruthless release #311057

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