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Dial-a-Trance was a compilation Chicagoland punk bands (and one from Hammond, IN) that was probably released in early 1985. It wasn't affiliated with a label, just recorded and distributed by the folks in Certain Death. Many of the bands in Dial-A-Trance aren't very well known, even locally, and may be their only known recordings. The release was cassette only and each featured an insert with band logos, description of the naming and some writing by Danny Imig.


  • 12156 Greenwood Avenue, Blue Island Illinois

Side One

  1. Certain Death - Kill the Beatles
  2. Certain Death - Mushroom Cloud
  3. Certain Death - Dial A Trance
  4. Group of Individuals - Being Bored
  5. Group Of Individuals - Fashion Fools
  6. The Torpedos - Hate
  7. The Torpedos - Blow Me Or Die
  8. Spray Paint - Psycho Pervert
  9. Spray Paint - Doc's Uncle

Side Two

  1. The Uninvited - Television
  2. The Uninvited - It's Not Easy
  3. Ring 13 - Andy Frain
  4. Ring 13 - Paint My Dick
  5. No More Wars - Promise A Lie
  6. No More Wars - Hurry Up & Wait
  7. Blatant Dissent - Catalyst-They They They
  8. Blatant Dissent - the Man In Black
  9. Garbage Bodies - Brand New Car
  10. Garbage Bodies - I'd Rather Talk To the Dead
  11. Garbage Bodies - Phantom

Band logos from the insert




History taken from UseNet NFO file

Year: Early 1985

Covers: Tracks rage in date from 1983 - 1985 (all bands where active in 1985) Record Label: None - Certain Death at this point had put out 3 cassettes on their own from 4 & 16 track recordings bought cassettes in bulk (not store bought maxell or TDK and the like) created their own cover art and went to a local printer and had the covers printed hired local radio station to mass produce cassettes releasing them as "CD01" and so on as in any reference to a record label ... this comp is "CD04"

Where or what is the name "Dial A Trance" all about otto ?!? Dial A Trance was an actual sevice we used to see broadcast on TV Ads here in Northern Illinois and Indiana and Wisconsin .. one was supposed to call up the 312# and be put into a hypnotic trance to make all ones cares go away ... it was pathic ... and the world we lived in then was so whacked thanx to der fuher reagan that people actually thought this shit up .. and well someone was calling in ...

The cassette itself came with a flyer stuffed inside .. yeah i still have mine and yes its falling apart and yes years ago i put scotch tape on it and YES ya twits its still falling a part ... i had scanned it some years ago but it seems i never burned the fucking scans and lost them in a crash ... the front of the fly has the bands on the cassette and a lil artwork for them .. like their lil symbols and band logos .. also is an artical about Dial A Trance and what they are all about by the company that was dial a trance ...

On the back we find what Danny Sleeze (Certain Death member) thinks of dial a trance the society at the time .. videos & television ... heres a lil exp ...

  1. "If you dial area code (312) 792-1051 you'll get a Chicago area hypnotist who tries to put you in a trance over the phone. After you're in this supposed trance he tells you to relax, forget your problems and be "mature"
  2. "But this hypnotist is just one cog in the massive machine that tries to sedate you into cooperation with it, so that it (the machine) profits, and you depend on it"

Thats only a fraction of whats written but tells you a lil about dial a trance and the shit back then that pist us off that even more present today in der fuher bush's america