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Schwa Records is a label that put out a couple notable Chicago punk releases in the early 1980s. It really wasn't a "label" per se, but a name to put on the record to release records for Silver Abuse and Toothpaste.

Paul Chabala was the driving force behind Schwa Records and later used the Schwa name for his production company. Schwa Productions (meaning Paul) engineered one of the first tapes for Smashing Pumpkins.


  • The SAT in the release names stood for Silver Abuse/Toothpaste.
  • The address used on the records corresponded to the rehearsal spaces for the two bands.
  • According to Bob Damrau, there was no SAT-02 release.


  • 3822 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago
  • 806 N. Peoria, 3rd Floor, Chicago


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