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Sandpounder Records was an independent record "label" that apparently was run by the folks in Naked Raygun. From what I can gather, it was basically a way to release the Vanilla Blue single with complete control while the band was between record labels.

The name Sandpounder apparently came from Jeff Pezzati's dad, who used some term like "pounding sand up your ass" in some form or another. That same line was used as a lyric in the All Rise track The Peacemaker.

Around 2000 a live Naked Raygun CD entitled "Chicago Sound" appeared, labeled as "Sandpounder Records 002". The disc contains a full show from 1989 with Bill Stephens on guitar and a partial show from 1985. The sound quality is mediocre, and seemingly very few copies were pressed - meaning it's more than likely that the disc is a bootleg and not an official release.


  • SR001 - Naked Raygun, Vanilla Blue 7"