Vanilla Blue

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Vanilla Blue was a 7" release from Naked Raygun in 1987. At this point Raygun had left Homestead Records and decided to release this on their own Sandpounder Records. Vanilla Blue was the only release for Sandpounder, as Raygun joined up Caroline Records shortliy after its release. It was released on white vinyl and is much easier to find than most of Raygun's earlier material.



  1. Vanilla Blue (Kezdy)
  2. Slim (Naked Raygun)


  • Produced by Cecil B. De Mille and NAKED RAYGUN
  • Engineered by Iain Burgess
  • Lyrics & Music copyright 1987 NAKED RAYGUN
  • Design: COSARO Production


  • The opening to Vanilla Blue ac dtually comes from the Trial By Fire song Cross Reaction. TBF was bassist Pierre Kedzy's old band.
  • Slim was an homage to Blazing Saddles star Slim Pickens
  • Vanilla Blue was included on the CD versions (including Quarterstick reissue) of Jettison