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All Rise is Naked Raygun's second full-length album, released in 1986 by Homestead Records. All Rise featured two new recording Raygun members - Pierre Kezdy (ex-Strike Under) on bass and Eric Spicer (ex-DV8) on drums. Returning from Throb Throb are frontman Jeff Pezzati and guitarist John Haggerty. In 1999, Quarterstick Records re-released All Rise on CD and included two bonus tracks. In November 2008, All Rise was reissued (with the Vanilla Blue single added as bonus tracks) on limited edition colored vinyl (865 green, 550 white) and regular black vinyl by Haunted Town Records.



Side One

  1. Home of the Brave (Pezzati)
  2. Dog at Large (Pezzati)
  3. Knock Me Down (Pezzati)
  4. Mr. Gridlock (Pezzati)
  5. The Strip (Pezzati)
  6. I Remember (Haggerty)

Side Two

7. Those Who Move (Pezzati)
8. The Envelope (Pezzati)
9. Backlash Jack (Haggerty, Pezzati, Spicer, Kezdy)
10. Peacemaker (Pezzati)
11. New Dreams (Santiago Durango)

CD Bonus Tracks

  • Slim
  • Rocks of Sweden

2008 Vinyl Reissue Bonus Tracks

  • Vanilla Blue
  • Slim



  • Slim was the B-Side to the Vanilla Blue single
  • Rocks of Sweden is a cover of Kedzy's former band Trial By Fire
  • The lyrics to Dog at Large, Knock Me Down, I Remember and The Envelope are omitted from the record insert.


  • By September of 1984, Raygun were playing tracks from All Rise live
  • The copyright is from 1985
  • The Touch & Go site claims that All Rise came out in 1985
  • Most sources say that 1986 was the release year

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