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Allister formed in 1995 as a four piece in Chicago. What's important to mention about Allister for this wiki is a couple of things... one being that they performed at what some will remember as a very important show - a show that summed up the 90s as we entered a new millenium, the Magnetic Curses concert that took place at the Metro in early 2000, and thus they appear on the compilation that came with admission to that show (as were all the other bands that played shortened sets that night) and was not pressed outside of that shows attendance (original copies are not available, you can only get it if someone is selling one used, or through CD-R from Amazon - they manufacture a CD-R on demand when ordered with a reissued jacket).

The other reason is for their sound. Allister, though not formed until the mid nineties, was very reminiscent of the late 80s early 90s suburban punk rock sound that swept through Chicago and was part of defining a new developing scene with bands like Slapstick, Screeching Weasel, Oblivion, Winepress, The Arrivals, My Big Beautiful and others that made up a distinct set of sounds that was significant to that era and what distinguished Chicago's punk rock.


  • Scott Murphy – vocals, bass
  • Tim Rogner – vocals, guitar
  • Kyle Lewis – guitar
  • Mike Leverence – drums

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