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Oblivion formed in 1988. Members were Pete Kourim (Pete Oblivion) on bass guitar and lead vocals, Scott Ozark (Scott Oblivion) on guitar and back-up vocals, and Brian Czarnik (Brian Oblivion) on drums. They officially disbanded in 2000 when Brian moved to Florida, after which Pete continued to play with the existing band Mexican Cheerleader and Scott joined The Nobs. Oblivion's "final" show was in March of 2000 at the Fireside Bowl. They closed with Mauryland and fans carried Brian from the stage all the way out the door to the outside of the club. Although they have had a few reunion shows since, including one shortly after the breakup at the Cubby Bear, and another in 2006 at the Abbey Pub on December 29, 2006.

Oblivion began as a heavy metal cover band in the 80s, but found its place in punk, and was incredibly important and influential to the 90s Chicago punk scene and its sound. They gained and maintained a huge following and large midwest notoriety. They often played at The Fireside Bowl and other venues of the time to occasionally sold old crowds.

Oblivion released a number of 7"s and full length albums primarily on Johann's Face Records, although they also released music on Dr. Strange, Underdog, and others. They also appeared on many splits and compilations.

Their first release was in 1989, however their main LPs were Stop Thief! (LP, 12"/CD) Johanns Face Records 1994, Shoot Me a Waco (LP, 12"/CD) Johanns Face Records 1995, Suckers From The Start (CD) Sinister 1998, and Sweatpants U.S.A. (CD) Suburban Home 1999.

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