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Steev Custer, member of such Chicago punk bands over the years such as The Bomb alongside Jeff Pezatti and countless others, formed My Big Beautiful with drummer Mark London in 1993 in Joliet, IL. The original lineup changed quickly before any recordings were made when frontman Stev Walker came around shortly after the band’s creation. Stev’s melodic lyrics and powerful voice characterized the band and was recognizable to that of Chicago contemporary Smoking Popes. They released an EP on cassette in 1994, King, that included local hits Betty Betty and Mr. Remember When and played mostly suburban venues. In 1996 Mark London moved out of state and Steev Custer left the band for family reasons. Paul Garcia took over on drums for a few months but the band disbanded in 1996 and Stev Walker went on to play with The Tarts with Bill Stevens (currently of Naked Raygun) and played throughout Chicago until approximately 2001 but unfortunately never released any material. Steev Custer joined The Bomb with Naked Raygun Jeff Pezatti.

In 2002 The Bomb played a show at a Joliet VFW and Custer ran into original drummer Mark London who had moved back to the Joliet area and they decided to do a My Big Beautiful reunion with Walker and the band reunited. They finally released a full length LP album She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not with new material and most of the material that was never released before during the band’s first stint. Their most recent release was The Way Things Are: The Soundtrack To My Life Volume 1.

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