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DV8's only record

DV8 were an early Chicago punk band who played around 1981-1982. They opened up for Black Flag and released a 7-inch, both in 1981.


Releases - click on song to listen

  • Learn to Say Goodbye / Guns on the Right 7" - (1981, Tough Records)
    • The record sells for as much as $300 on EBay
  1. Learn to Say Goodbye
  2. Guns on the Right

Notable Shows


Bob and Eric went to high school together in Traverse City, MI. They moved to Chicago in 1979 for "the lack of anything better to do". Bob and Lorin met at The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where they worked. A couple years after DV8 split up, Eric joined Naked Raygun from 1984 to 1992. Lorin and Bob never joined another band...

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  • Emails exchanged with Eric Spicer

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