Last of the Demohicans

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Last of the Demohicans is the final official release by Naked Raygun. The compilation contains songs dating from very early rehearsals to the "last demo", recorded by the band's final lineup in early 1997. The album was released in late 1997, but is now out of print. After having been defunct since 1992, Raygun played three reunion shows in late November 1997 to celebrate the album's release; these would be the band's final shows until October 2006.


  1. Off The Edge (J. Pezzati)
  2. Hot Atomics (P. Kezdy/J. Pezzati)
  3. The Way Its Supposed To Be (B. Stephens/P. Kezdy)
  4. Trio (J. Pezzati)
  5. Giveaway (P. Kezdy)
  6. 7-11 Jingle
  7. Metastasis (live) (C. Gonzalez)
  8. Treason (live) (P. Kezdy/J. Haggerty)
  9. Entrapment (live) (J. Pezzati)
  10. Those Who Move (live) (J. Pezzati)
  11. Where You Live (live) (Government Issue)
  12. Got Hurt (S. Durango)
  13. System (S. Durango/J. Pezzati/M. Pezzati/B. Strange)
  14. Web (S. Durango)
  15. Bananacuda (M. Pezzati)
  16. New Dreams (S. Durango)
  17. Who Is Naked Raygun?


  • The liner notes to the original release have been transcribed here.
  • Tracks 1-4 comprise the "last demo". These songs were originally recorded in 1992, but the original tapes were lost. The band re-recorded the tracks on March 1st and 2nd, 1997 at Steve Albini's studio. The band lineup was: Jeff Pezzati-vocals, Bill Stephens-guitar, Pierre Kezdy-bass, and Eric Spicer-drums.
  • "Trio" features a guest vocal from Elizabeth Elmore.
  • "Giveaway" was originally written by Pierre Kezdy for Trial by Fire, the band he played in after Strike Under around 1981-1982. Trial By Fire itself never actually released any material. The Raygun version was recorded April 21, 1987 during the Jettison sessions.
  • The "7-11 Jingle" is really an attempt at a 7-11 commercial.
  • "Metastasis" was recorded live at the Metro on May 26, 1986. The recording is by Aadam Jacobs, a semi-legendary taper who is a fixture at Chicago gigs to this day.
  • Tracks 8-11 were recorded during the band's first European tour, on June 4, 1989 at AJZ in Verden, Germany. Before "Where You Live", Pezzati announces that Government Issue had just broken up.
  • Tracks 12-16 are some of the earliest known recordings of Naked Raygun, and are tapes of practices in the "basement of the coach house at 1129 West Drummond" in Chicago, where Santiago Durango and the Pezzati brothers lived. The lineup included Pezzati on vocals, Durango on guitar, and Jim Colao on drums.
    • The liner notes state that "Got Hurt" was recorded in July 1983 with Camilo Gonzalez on bass, and the other songs in early 1982 with Marko Pezzati on bass. However, this is almost certainly incorrect, as a keyboardist is clearly heard on "Got Hurt"--this would have to be John Lundin, who left the band in early 1981. More likely, "Got Hurt" was recorded before April 1981 and the other songs sometime in late 1981 or 1982, after Marko Pezzati left.