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Greg Dunlap grew up in Bolingbrook, IL and went to college at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, IL. After a series of life-changing Naked Raygun shows, Greg joined up with his friend Dan Grzeca to create THIS fanzine. Greg and Dan also promoted shows in Dekalb under the THIS banner. In his last year Greg joined the NIU concert committee and was able to put on university-sanctioned concerts in addition to independent shows.

Soon after leaving college, Greg ran into Rob Warmowski at a Pegboy show. Rob mentioned he was looking for a guitarist for his new band Buzzmuscle and Greg joined the band soon after. Also at this time, unable to find a job, Greg took an unpaid internship at Touch And Go Records where he later became the shipping manager. This lasted approximately nine months before he moved on to the straight world as a graphic designer and later software engineer.

After Buzzmuscle Greg performed with the bands LuckyJ and Municipal, featuring former members of Tar and Sixteen Tons.

In 2000 Greg wrote the liner notes for the Touch And Go Records reissue of Naked Raygun's album All Rise.

Greg currently lives in Portland, OR.