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Verboten was a young punk band who were around in 1982-1983. They were mentioned in Last Rites #1 and Bob Damrau said the following:

"Verboten was a group of pre-teens that played classic punk and appeared once on a saturday morning children's show Kidding Around. 
The story goes that the band broke up because one of their families moved away."

There was quite a bit of footage and interviews with members of Verboten in the You Weren't There documentary.

The vocalist Tracy, is the cousin of Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters), who he mentioned onstage at a Foo Fighters show at Wrigley Field on August 29, 2015. In a quote from the 93XRT site, he states:

"As he reminisced about the time his cousin Tracy (whose birthday it was) took him to a punk show at the Cubby Bear one summer
(Naked Raygun was playing) and how at the ripe age of 10 she and her friends would play their instruments in the basement of
her Evanston home, a close-up shot of Grohl’s face showed his eyes welling with tears."


  • Tracy Bradford, vocals
  • Jason Narducy, guitar
  • Chris Kean, bass
  • Zack Kantor, drummer

The guitar player Jason Narducy, has gone on to have a notable music career as well. More information about him can be found on Wikipedia.

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