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Last Rites was published by Sean Duffy and Patti Pezzati (sister of Jeff) of McHenry, IL in the 1980's. The first issue was released at the end of January (judging from the show dates in it) at the end of January, 1983. Sean also became involved in music promotion and Last Rites released a few compilations, including the infamous Code Blue compilation.

"Last Rites" was also the name Sean Duffy used to book and promote punk and hardcore shows in Chicago. Last Rights was one of the biggest punk/hardcore promoters in the city in the late '80's and early '90s.


  • 1717 Sunnyside Beach Dr.
  • McHenry, IL 60050

Last Rites Shows

  • September 1, 1983 at Cubby Bear - FU's, Die Kruzen, Tar Babies
  • September 11, 1983 at Cubby Bear - Necros, Rights of the Accused

Last Rites Compilations

  • Dairyland compilation (Wisconsin bands, 41 songs, 1983)
  • Code Blue compilation

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