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Shellac is Steve Albini's current band. Steve started the band with drummer Todd Trainer in 1992. After some early jamming with former Naked Raygun bassist Camilo Gonzalez, Bob Weston (ex-Volcano Suns) joined as the band's permanent bass player. As all the members hold full-time jobs, Shellac records and tours infrequently. Most of the group's LPs have all been released through Touch and Go Records but the band has also had several limited releases on other labels. Shellac releases are usually numbered (as of this writing, Shellac Record No. 15 remains unreleased).



  • The Rude Gesture: A Pictorial History 7" (Touch and Go, 1993)
    • Shellac Record No. 1
    • Features Camilo Gonzalez (on "The Rambler Song")
    • All covers were hand-stamped and folded.
  • Uranus 7" (Touch and Go, 1993)
    • Shellac Record No. 2
    • All covers were hand-stamped and folded.
  • The Bird Is The Most Popular Finger 7" (Drag City, 1994)
    • Shellac Record No. 3
    • Instrumental versions of songs that would appear on the At Action Park LP
  • At Action Park LP (Touch And Go, 1994)
    • Shellac Record No. 4
  • ライヴイン東京 CD (Nux Organization, 1994)
    • Shellac Record No. 5
    • Japanese-only release.
    • Live recording.
  • Billiardspielerlied b/w Mantel 7" (Überschall Records, 1995)
    • Shellac Record No. 6
    • German-only release.
    • A-side recorded at the Fallout Comedy Club in Chicago, the B-side in Amsterdam.
    • The band's name appears as "Shellack" on the cover.
  • Sides 1-4 2x7" (Skin Graft Records/Gasoline Boast Records, 1995)
    • Shellac Record No. 7
    • 4-way split with Big'n, Brise-Glace, and US Maple.
    • Shellac, Big'n, and US Maple cover AC/DC songs while Brise-Glace's track is "inspired" by AC/DC.
  • Soul Sound split 7" with Mule (Laff & Go Records, 1997)
    • Shellac Record No. 8
    • "Laff & Go" was a one-off imprint by Touch and Go Records.
  • The Futurist LP (self-released, 1997)
    • Shellac Record No. 9
    • Music composed for a performance by the La La La Human Steps dance group.
    • Around 800 copies were pressed and given to friends and families of the band. Names of the recipients are printed on the cover and each recipient's copy has their name circled or written on the cover to identify whoever might try to sell their copy.
  • Terraform LP (Touch and Go, 1998)
    • Shellac Record No. 10
  • 1000 Hurts LP (Touch and Go, 2000)
    • Shellac Record No. 11
  • split 7" with Caesar (Barbaraal, 2000)
    • Shellac Record No. 12
    • Included with the first edition of the Dutch comic book "Sex, Drugs, and Strips" by Barbara Stok.
  • Excellent Italian Greyhound LP (Touch and Go, 2007)
    • Shellac Record No. 13
    • The title is a reference to Todd Trainer's dog who appears on the cover.
  • Dude Incredible LP (Touch and Go, 2014)
    • Shellac Record No. 14
  • The End of Radio double LP (Touch and Go, 2019)
    • Shellac Record No. 16
    • Collection of 2 recordings made for BBC Radio One's John Peel Show, the first from 1994 and the second from 2004.

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