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Raygun...Naked Raygun was Naked Raygun's 5th and final LP, released on Caroline Records in 1990. It was the only LP that did not feature John Haggerty on guitar, as he left the band about a year before the release. It is generally thought of as one of Raygun's weaker recordings, though the opening track Home is one of their most popular songs. In 1999, Quarterstick Records reissued Raygun...Naked Raygun on CD with three bonus tracks.



  1. Home (Kezdy)
  2. Fever Island (Stephens, Spicer, Pezzati)
  3. The Grind (Pezzati)
  4. Jazz Gone Bad (Pezzati)
  5. Prepare to Die (Kezdy)
  6. The Promise (Stephens)
  7. Holding You (Pezzati, Kezdy)
  8. Strange Days (Kezdy)
  9. In My Head (Pezzati)

CD Reissue Bonus Tracks

12. Last Drink (Chelsea Cover)
13. Love Battery (Buzzcocks Cover)
14. Running Free (Buzzcocks Cover)


  • Produced by Naked Raygun and Keith Auerbach
  • Recorded at Chicago Trax Studio
  • Front Cover Illustration: Mike Saenz
  • Tray Photos: Marc Harris
  • Booklet Photo: Katie Babbin
  • Design: Tom & Ellie Hughes, HughesGroup
  • Management: Karen Bemis
  • Alto Sax on "Holding You" - Kevin Weppner
  • Tenor Sax on "Holding You" - Mars Williams


  • Raygun...Naked Raygun was the only reissue without any new commentary or liner notes
  • Last Drink was the B-Side to the Home 7-inch

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