Naked Raygun - Home (Song)

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Cover to Home 7"

Home is the first track off Naked Raygun's last album Raygun...Naked Raygun. It was also released as a 7" before the album came out. As of May 2006, Jeff Pezzati's current band The Bomb often performs Home during their shows.



And I'm stumbling home
tonight I feel alone
and the skies fire
I really feel the pain
And I just move along
wild, not to belong
and the pain, God,
I really feel the pain
I'm thinking on and on about it
I always dream and I don't like it
Feeling sad but I can't fight it
In a fever I think I'm dead
colored acid webs in my head
Am I sane now?
I just don't feel the same
Dance a twisted scene
to melodies obscene
I think I'll drink now
It's my house anyhow