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Two Nuns and a Pack Mule

Rapeman was Steve Albini’s short-lived group formed in 1988 after Big Black (one of the Big Four bands considered as Chicago’s punk rock roots) disbanded in 1987, and consisted of Steve Albini on guitar and vocals, David William Sims (ex-Scratch Acid) on bass, and Rey Washam (ex-Scratch Acid, Big Boys) on drums. The band only lasted for two years and released one 7” EP titled Budd and one full LP, Two Nuns and a Pack Mule, after which Albini went on to create Shellac and national fame as the producer for bands such as Sonic Youth and Nirvana.

The name of the band originated from the Japanese comic book of the same name that Albini and Washam were obsessed with, mostly because of the bizarre nature of the comic and their bewilderment of the fact that such a bizarre and violent comic could be accepted as part of pop culture in Japan (the main character, Rapeman, spent most of his time raping women). Albini, who was used to controversy because of the nature of some of Big Black’s lyrics, decided to use the name, not without consequence. Many shows on their American tour were met with picket lines filled with women who found the name offensive, as well as at a sold out show in England that was almost cancelled due to a student boycott. When confronted about the name, Albini was always very frank and his responses implied that it was just a name that did not reflect the band’s feelings towards women and that he was surprised at how P.C. so many people were, even punks.

Rapeman’s sound was very reminiscent of Big Black, often heavy bass driven with industrial overtones, but stood on its own.

Contrary to popular belief, Rapeman did not break up because of disagreements about the above-mentioned controversy surrounding their name.


  • Steve Albini - Guitar, Vocals
  • David Williams Sims - Bass
  • Ray Washam - Drums


  1. Budd
  2. Superpussy
  3. Log Bass
  4. Dutch Courage
  • Two Nuns and a Pack Mulel LP (1989, Touch and Go)
    • Included the Budd EP
  1. Steak and Black Onions
  2. Monobrow
  3. Up Beat
  4. Coition Ignition Mission
  5. Kim Gordon's Panties
  6. Hated Chinee
  7. Radar Love Lizard
  8. Marmaset
  9. Just Got Paid
  10. Trouser Minnow

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