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John Stockfisch, better known as Johnny Personality, is a multi-instrumentalist, best known as bassist, backing vocalist, and occassional songwriter for The Vindictives. Along with vocalist Joey Vindictive, he has been with The Vindictives through every stage of their history. Prior to The Vindictives, he auditioned for the bass position in the Gore Gore Girls but was rejected only because he could not offer the band a rehearsal spot. He was introduced to Joey Vindictive through Ben Weasel and initially played drums with The Vindictives before moving to bass to make room for drummer Erik Elsewhere. In 1992, he joined Screeching Weasel, playing some local gigs and appearing on the album Wiggle and the EP Radio Blast. He left SW after the recording of the album to focus on The Vindictives.

In addition to the The Vindictives, Johnny has teamed up with Joey Vindictive in The Flim-Flams, The Money Shot, and Faerie Wunderpuss.

Johnny currently lives in Arizona and in a 2022 interview with Jughead on the Jughead's Basement Podcast he revealed that he had retired from playing music.