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John Kezdy is the lead singer of The Effigies and one of the biggest name in the Chicago punk scene. Since the start of The Effigies in 1980 to the modern day, Kezdy has been a vital part of Chicago music.


  • Grew up in Evanston
  • Brother of Naked Raygun and Pegboy's Pierre Kezdy
  • His father Ferenc J. Kezdy was a professor at the University of Chicago
  • Attended the University of Wisconsin, but dropped out in 1978
  • Subsequently re-enrolled at Northwestern in the late '80's and earned his undergraduate degree
  • Earned his law degree from DePaul (following in the footsteps of Santiago Durango)
  • Formed his own band label, Ruthless Records, in 1982
  • Currently works as an Illinois state prosecutor
  • Has two children

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