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Cover to Hang Ten 7"

The Defoliants were a Chicago punk band from 1984 to 1990. They played a bunch of shows for that time, typically opening up for larger Chicago bands such as Naked Raygun. Their self-described finest moment was opening up for Fugazi at Dreamerz. Their music incorporated heavily from surf music, making their sound more unique than most of their contemporaries.

The final Defoliants show was at McGregor's.



  • Rob and Jeff went to Mather High School
  • The band wrote and performed a soundtrack for a Schwinn Predator BMX bicycle tv ad in 1987
  • They contributed a song "Steakhouse" to the soundtrack for the movie The Borrower


  1. Bad Day At The Beach
  2. I Wish You Were Fiction
  3. Cold Start 64738
  4. Came/Saw/Conquered
  5. Don’t Eat The Dieffenbacchia
  6. Rectal Inferno
  7. Code White
  8. Can’t Lose
  9. Speed Racer
  10. Final Notice Prior To Disconnection
  11. Wild, Wild World of Animals
  12. Up Against The Mall
  1. Mass
  2. Whitecap
  3. The Guy Who Got Mad
  4. Mr. Spy
  1. Steakhouse
  2. Quinn Martin
  3. Speed Racer
  4. Jack The Ripper
  5. Rooked
  6. Rectal Inferno
  7. Bad Day At The Beach
  8. West Bank
  9. Art Is Dangerous
  10. The Guy Who Got Mad
  11. I Wish You Were Fiction
  12. Safety Town
  13. Wild, Wild World Of Animals


  • Hog Butcher To The World (Mad Queen / WNUR LP) 1988?
    • The End

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