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Dazit Records was a record "label" that only put out one release.



"Bhopal Stiffs 7inch (Back in the day, there was a punk bar called "Exit" in Chicago. The bar still exists today, but it changed locations in the early 90's and no longer hosts live music. In the late 80's, the Bhopal Stiffs were practically the house band at Exit, and the owner of the bar wanted to help them get a release out on vinyl. They took what they considered to be the two best tracks from their 10 song demo (their only release up until that point), and pressed a 2 song 45. It was released in 1987, and there were (I believe) 500 pressed (all black). The record is way out of print, but guy who released it still has 50 or so in his basement because the band and he stopping selling them after awhile. This was the only release on Dazit Records, and two of the guys from the Bhopal Stiffs went on to form Pegboy.)" - taken from a now defunct webpage about record labels.