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The Bollweevils were one of the more popular punk acts in Chicago during the first half of the 90s. The released most of their stuff on Dr. Strange Records and their initial run was from 1989 to 1996. In the late nineties, some of the members went on to create Landos 45. In 2006 they reunited for Riot Fest and have played semi-actively ever since.



  • Stick Your Neck Out! (Dr. Strange Records, 1994)
  • History of the Bollweevils, Part I (Dr. Strange, 1995) - compilation of pre-Stick Your Neck Out releases
  • Heavyweight (Dr. Strange, 199)
  • Weevillive (Dr. Strange, 1996) - live album
  • History of the Bollweevils, Part II (Dr. Strange, 1999) - compilation of post-Stick Your Neck Out releases

Minor releases

  • A Deadly Duo (Bollweevils/The Freeze split, released 1996 on Dr. Strange Records)
  • "Carol EP" (Bollweevils/4-Squares split) released 1997 Dr. Strange Records Quincy Shanks Records: 4-Squares Releases
  • Plan 7" From Outer Space! (Bollweevils/Sleepasaurus split, released 1997 on Motherbox Records)[
  • Doc Hopper / Bollweevils split (released 1997)

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