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Landos 45 formed out of the ashes of the very popular early to mid nineties Chicago punk band The Bollweevils in the later nineties into the 2000s. They played the Magnetic Curses show in 2000 and were on the out of print compilation (pressing was for show patrons only).

Although they didn't have the occasional obsession with The Misfits The Bollweevils did, the Chicago punk scene was fond of them and they stood out in terms of diversity (in a mostly Anglo dominated scene) with an African American frontman.


  • Michael Catani - Guitar
  • Daryl Wilson - Vocals
  • Miguel Echemendia - Drums
  • Rob Brandt - Bass


  • Jesse Naul - Bass
  • Mike Giancarlo - Bass
  • Greg Mytych - Bass

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