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Front cover to EP

Bloodsport was an important, albeit lesser known, Chicago punk band in the mid-80s. Unfortunately, Bloodsport is most well known for the bands that the members were in before or after the band. They released one EP in 1985 and continued to play live until most of their members joined The Effigies in 1987



Permission to share the mp3s was graciously given by Chris Bjorklund, that being said the folks at Bloodsport and Homestead still retain all the rights.

I Am the Game


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  1. Better and Best
  2. Hangman's Dance
  3. Rhymes of Reason
  4. Ghosts of Scrooge
  5. Sixes and Sevens
  6. Mettle of Man
  7. Outro (Killing Floor)

Six-song tape

  • Unknown Label, Summer 1984
  • Two songs from I Am the Game


From Chris Bjorklund - "I think B'Sport began in 1984. In '83 David and I were on WZRD together, talking about what sort of band we should have. We met Joe H and Tom Woods through Joe's bro John and went from there. David left in 1986 as I recall. The tape would have been done summer '84 I think."


  • Bjorklund was in Strike Under and Trial by Fire before Bloodsport
  • Bergeron left the band shortly after I am the Game's release. They continued on as a 3-piece with Bjorklund and Woods sharing vocals.
  • Bjorklund, Woods and Haggerty all joined The Effigies after Bloodsport.
  • After The Effigies breakup in 1990, Haggerty joined brother John to form Pegboy
  • After Bloodsport, Bergeron formed Jack Scratch with Earl Letiecq

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