Bleach Battalion

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Formed in the early 2008, the Chicago area-based Bleach Battalion is an Oi!/streetcore band.

Early Years

The band was formed by vocalist/guitarist Natasha in July of 2008. In the early years live shows were rare and took place mainly in Chicago.


Past Members

  • Kyle O (drums on "Model Citizens" demo)


  • “Model Citizens” CD Demo 2008
  • “Never Fall” CDEP 2009
  • “Loud, Proud & Drunk as Fuck!” CDEP 2009
  • “The Kicker” CDLP 2009
  • “Made in the USA” CDLP 2010
  • “Loud Music for Bad People” CDLP 2010
  • “Disproportionate Response” CDLP 2011
  • “Skinhead Uprising-The Singles 2008-2010” Singles Collection CDLP 2011
  • “Skinhead Rock & Roll” Collection CDLP 2012
  • “Burn it Down!” CDLP 2014

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