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Formed in the early 1990s, the Chicago and Central Illinois-based Deadscene was an Oi!/hardcore band. Deadscene is also known as Skullkrusher, Wardogs & The Revenge. The band changed names three times to avoid problems with promoters in the later years. And also as a response to the exit of Joel on (bass guitar) and Peter (Guitar) and the entrance of Natasha (guitar).

Early Years: Bio

The band was formed by Vocalist Jason after the end of his first band Kapitol Punishment in 1993. The band promoted themselves through a small print run zine series known as "Deadzine" , "Timebomb" "Skiteater" and, later, "Raw Punk Bastards". These zines were reviewed in Maximum Rock and Roll, Slug & Lettuce, Hell & Damnation, Flipside, R'yleh Rising, Rehash and many other underground zines frequently.

The original lineup ceased activity toward the end of 1999. The Name Changes followed. (See Above)

They played many live events mainly in Chicago and the Champaign-Urbana areas with such bands as: Riot Squad (Texas),URBN DK, Johnny Angel, Gutterhead, Rat Bastards, Code 13 , District 13, Suburban Sluts, 10-96, Johnny Vomit, Cold as Life, Drunken Catholics, Hot Stove Jimmy ,Died At Birth ,South Side Anger,Thabto,Kung Fu Rick ,Suburban Refugee ,DGeneration , Holy Whores ,Reckless Youth , The Boils ,T.R. ,Onward To Mayhem,Blood Soaked System ,No Person ,Trepan Nation ,Pretentious Assholes ,He Who Corrupts ,Submission Hold ,Tale of Ginjai ,Klub Poppa ,The Menstrual Tramps ,Firearm ,CBOD ,Freezerburn ,Stifle ,Thumb Fat ,Tusk ,Tragedy ,The Resinators ,Tortoise ,The Harmonix ,The Glory Whores ,Teenage Frames ,Street Brats .


  • Jason D(vocals / guitar on early material)
  • Joel (Moe) (bass guitar / backup vocals)
  • Dan D(drums)
  • Peter (guitar)
  • Natasha (guitar)
  • Stefan (vocals)
  • Chris (bass)
  • Matt (guitar)

(and featuring Jessica on guest vocals)


  • 12 song Demo #1 Released in 1990
  • 12 song Demo #2 released in 1994
  • "We are The Deadscene" 1995
  • "The Spirit of '99" 1999 Full length demo

All other releases were under the name Skullkrusher after 1997.

In 2009, Skinhead Records Formerly known as SUBVERT! & Black Mask/Flamethrower Distribution released a Studio Re-recorded Cd compilation made by Jason (Vocals) without the help of any previous members. The songs included were a compilation of tracks from the seminal DEADSCENE years.

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