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Antidote Radio was a short-lived radio show on WVVX from the September of 1983 to winter of 1985. It was run and hosted by a wide variety of notable names from the Chicago punk scene. In addition to playing punk music, Antidote featured documentaries, on-air interviews with notable underground figures and had a heavy rotation of music from the burgeoning goth and industrial genres.


On Air Personalities

Behind the scenes

Short Term On Air Personalities

On Air Interviews

  • Anton LaVey
  • Diamanda Galas

Difficult Music Night

In addition to sponsoring a bunch of notable national shows (Psychic TV, Test Department, Einsturzende Neubauten), Antidote would sponsor periodic "Difficult Music Nights" at Club 950 and Neo. The theme was crazy noise music that folks could not dance to. It turned off a lot of folks, but that was more than likely the point.

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