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4xy was a Northside band who played a double bill with Naked Raygun on January 21, 1983 at The Metro. There was a brief writeup about the show in Last Rites #1. They (according to a calendar in LR #5) played New Years Eve, 1983 at Cubby Bear with Bohemia. Steve Albini briefly mentioned them on his message board as "tubes-like mock rock", similar in that regard to Special Affect. They opened for Nick Cave at Tuts, and Bauhaus at Club Metro, they performed at all the important Northside clubs. 4xy consisted of Aidan Mann on vocals, Kris Kirkendall on bass, Eddie Yeo formerly of Stations on guitar and Harry Rushakoff who had been in Special Affect and then went on to play drums for Concrete Blonde. The group released one EP, which was released in 1983.


Aidan Mann passed away in July 2010.

  • Aidan Mann (†) - vocals
  • Chris Kirkendall - Bass
  • Eddie Yeo - guitar
  • Harry Rushakoff - drums