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John Davies played drums in Chicago bands from early 1978 to March 1981, including Gary Jones (July 1980 – March 1981), Popperz (as Chester Vomit) (1978), The Martian Plan (1978), a pop synth band called Fame (1980), and a side project featuring members of The Dadistics and The Martian Plan that was alternately called The Reptilians or The Poodle Stabbers.

In January 1978, Mr. Davies made crude demo recordings of a handful of original songs, with Davies as lead vocalist/guitarist, and that year made less than a handful of obscure appearances as Chester Vomit and The Dry Heaves. When he posted two of these songs on his web page, Rave Up Records, a label that specializes in rare vintage Punk music, got wind of them, and in 2008 released four of these tracks on a 7” vinyl EP titled Stunk Rocker. In 2011, Chester Vomit and The Dry Heaves feat. Pat Attack (Chester’s offspring) released a full-length CD of new original Stunk Rockers, and are currently working on a follow-up CD.

Mr. Davies currently resides in the Chicago suburbs with his family.

External Links

  • Spleen Venting Music - Johns' personal site with free music tracks from most of the bands listed above.