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Popperz were an early Chicago punk band, founded in 1977, and probably unrecorded. An article in the November, 1977 Gabba Gabba Gazette describes a concert at Northwestern University in which they "were bombarded by assorted flying objects hurled at the stage." According to the article, they returned the taunts in true punk fashion with shouts of "Northwestern sucks" and by "doing a spit routine on the crowd". According to the article, their original songs included "Street Punk", "Sheep Dip","Farts", "Mutilation Machine","AC/DC", and "Nightmare in Oven #3".



Popperz were from Wilmette and were around at least until 1978 when John Davies became their 3rd drummer. He only lasted a few weeks, performing a gig at Hueys before Popperz broke up. About a year later, they reunited for an unknown period of time, though not with Davies on drums, but with their original drummer, Jim Wolfson. After Jim's untimely death, the band broke up and the various members persued other musical interests. They re-formed eventually with a new drummer, Dave Ishiki (now deceased) for about a year. Dave also drummed for Epicycle's new, albeit temporary incarnation, Union Station.

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