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X-Idols were a band that formed in 1979 and played original music which incorporated primitive garage with pop bass lines and screaming vocals. They played at Tuts, The West End, Cubby Bear, and Jaime's Elsewhere, Gaspars, among others. Their live shows were frenetic, high energy and loud. They sometimes booked gigs at blues clubs only to jump into their original songs after a couple of blues standards, forcing management to pull the plug. Jim Patterson on vocals and guitar, Michael Aguirre on lead guitar, Billy Foster on bass, and Bill Morton on drums. In 1984 the group broke up due to the usual reasons. Michael Aguirre went on to form the Blisstones in New York. Jim Patterson went on to become a blues player and writer who still lives in the Chicago area; he writes under the name James Gerard.

They recorded a 7 song demo though never released an official record.