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Viktimz of Society was a punk band in the 80s, one of the members was Joey (later of The Vindictives). Per a posting on the Vindictive's old message board, Joey said that the band broke up during the recording of the LP. None of the other members went on to play in other bands. The record came out a few years after the band's break up.


  • viktimjoe - Vocals
  • O.D. - Guitar
  • Rick Niles - Bass
  • Mark Asshole - Drums


  • 8 song demo tape
  • Wicked Rock Music Is Killing Our Children LP (1986, Brain Box) & CD (2003, Teat Productions)
    • CD reissue includes the original demo plus the demo for rrraw-X, an instrumental punk band Joey put together in the late '80's.

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