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VML Records was label started up by The Vindictives. VML stands for Vindictives Music Limited. The label started out in the early '90's by issuing a series of now hard to find 7" EPs by the Vindictives but label soon branched out and began issuing records by a number of other bands. However, VML is best remembered for their "VMLive" series. VMLive records were all live 7" EPs featuring similar artwork (a plain white sleeve with the band name, date of the recording, running time, and name of the venue on the front and a statement regarding the intentions of the series on the back) and an ample amount of crowd noise which was, unlike many live records, was purposely left in the mix as the label felt that crowd reaction was important part of the live experience. At some point, VML Records became connected to Liberation Records, as Liberation began reissuing and/or distributing a number of VML releases.

In 2003, members of the Vindictives launched Teat Productions to issue/reissue several Vindictives-related CDs, including a CD compilation of the first Vindictives 7" EPs that were the initial releases for VML Records.